IMG_6068St. Paul’s Chapel is an idyllic setting for small weddings, and special events. We are proud of our historic chapel, as well as a updated kitchen facilities, and love to share them with the community — a sign of that which has been gifted to us by our God.IMG_6086

First and foremost, St. Paul’s is a place of worship, and we ask that all requests respect this nature of the facility and primarily use it in this capacity. We are not a chapel for rent, but rather, we are a community willing to share our place of worship for the glory of God and the celebration of His blessings. Any fees that we charge IMG_6098are nominal, and go towards maintenance, and upkeep of our primary mission to be faithful in prayer and worship, as well as to be responsible IMG_6102agents of God’s grace and will in our community.IMG_6059

If you are interested in hosting an event at St. Paul’s, please contact our administrator, in the Contact Us section of this website.