(1) Please notify D. Esslinger if you can’t serve on the date(s) shown.
(2) If you are the Lector, please call the alternate listed if you can’t serve.
(3) Ushers are requested to ring the church bell (10-15 times) about 15 minutes before the service begins.
(4) For a look at the Sunday readings, see this link: Weekly Readings

Date Time Lem Lector Ushers
6-Dec 8AM Melvin, J Melvin, J
6-Dec 9AM Carroll, K Barnes, K
6-Dec 11AM Spradling, B Schapker, G Zeanahs
13-Dec 8AM Groner, C Groner, C
13-Dec 9AM Mckee, S Mckee, S
13-Dec 11AM Spradling, B Spradling, B Slays
20-Dec 8AM Melvin, J Melvin, J
20-Dec 9AM Zeanah, B Zeanah, B
20-Dec 11AM Slay, B Kaplerchuk, P Spradlings
27-Dec 8AM Groner, C Groner, C
27-Dec 9AM Carroll, K Carroll, K
27-Dec 11AM Lynch, D Sradling, B Uzzelle, K/Rankin, S